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Hepatic (liver) is the largest in human body. Enters the liver, which is in software projects are essential processes in our lives, the process of energy storage, formation of protein and bile acids, regulation of cholesterol metabolism and neutralization of toxins / drugs in in our body. The consequences can be imagined would Arise if the damage occurred in the liver.

Heart disease in some other
1. Liver disease caused by infection
such as viral hepatitis), which is contaminated with food and drinks, injections, tattoos, a contaminated needle gender activities, etc. transferred.

2. Liver disease due to toxicity (such as alcohol or certain medications), alcohol liver against toxic. The existence of drug accumulation in the liver (eg paracetamol) or interfering with the metabolism of drugs can suffer from liver disease.

3. Genetics or descendants (hemochromatosis, for example)

4. Immune system disorders (eg autoimmune hepatitis)
Autoimmune disease is a disease caused by the resistance of the body’s own tissues. In general, autoimmune hepatitis, anti-liver cells, causing a chronic infection.

5. Cancer (eg hepatocellular carcinoma)
Liver cancer can be caused by cancer-causing compounds such as aflatoxin, polyvinyl chloride (plastic), viruses, etc..
Aplatoxin a toxin produced by Aspergillus flavus and can foods during storage of foods like beans, rice and cassava waste, especially in the tropics. Hepatitis B and C funds to develop liver cirrhosis may develop liver cancer.


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