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Know Your Disease Characteristics Herpes

The characteristics of herpes simplex is a small rash, can be one or a collection, which contains the liquid, and if broken can cause inflammation. This rash usually appears in the muco-cutaneous, or areas where the skin meets the mucous membrane lining. In the face, this area located at the junction of the lips with facial skin. The herpes simplex sufferers usually feel a tingling in the area before the emergence of this rash.

This disease can be transmitted during the rash of fluid because the fluid that is the herpes virus. If you’re part of your body exposed to the with rash regions, the herpes virus can infect you at the contact area. Viral infection usually appear one week after the contact. But if the contact was made during the rash has dried up or even better, then the risk of contracting practically lost.

If you are infected with Herpes virus, the virus can spread throughout your body, such as in the fingers (herpetic whitlow), in the eye (herpetic ophthalmitis), the genital area (genital herpes), and even can also attack the brain (herpetic encephalitis), although the latter may say it happened very, very rare. And if people make contact with healthy people, such as through oral sex, then a healthy person can be infected genital herpes.

The first phase of genital herpes is marked by flu-like fever, muscle and joint aches, swollen lymph nodes, feeling tired and not feeling well. Amusement at the contact areas can also appear before the onset of rash. If the rash has come, the area around the nodule will feel very soft. And depending on where the rash was located, the patient may have trouble walking or pain on urination.

Generally the same herpes, herpes wherever it arises. What is important the patient should keep the area clean and dry. You can clean the area with a saline (salt solution) and thereafter must be dried. If the infected area is too damp, can invite secondary infections (infections continued). Treatment with oral antiviral drugs are usually needed only for specific cases of genital herpes, and had to go through a doctor’s prescription.


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