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Diabetes is a condition in which blood circulation there is excess sugar. This effect is due to the body can not convert sugar into energy for the body to face the problem adequately because of a lack of the hormone called insulin. Insulin is a hormone is produced by the organ called the pancreas which is located below the stomach. Our bodies will produce energy from the food we eat to carry out daily tasks. Starchy and sugary foods which are usually called as a carbohydrate food will be converted into a sugar substance called glucose in the stomach and will enter into the bloodstream. It will then be used by the body to produce energy. Glucose is also a major source of that energy to our body.

In normal circumstances, insulin will usually help to glucose in the blood into cells to be converted to energy. For those who  diabetes, organ of the pancreas that produce insulin should not produce the hormone insulin in sufficient insulin or can not be produced to act as normal. This resulted in glucose can not enter to cells. Sugar in the blood circulation will also be high. Excessive sugar will be produced by the body through urine. This is the reason why the disease known as diabetes. Cells will not receive a supply glucose without insulin, although the rates are very high in the blood circulation. As a result, our body will lack energy.

This disease can be affected by anyone. However, the more risk for getting diabetes is found in those who come from families where there are descendants, or between members suffering from diabetes, age has menigkat (40 years and above) and have the excess weight or fat .

What are diabetes medicines?

Before 1921, there are no specific medicines to treat diabetes. However, at present there are a variety of medications to control diabetes and this is an opportunity for people with diabetes to continue life as usual. Treatment of diabetes is through diet control.

Food consumption plays an important role to control diabetes. Usually the cases are not severe, this disease can  care through food alone.


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