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Disease Lung Cancer

Disease Lung Cancer belong to a deadly cancer for both men and women. Compared with other cancer types, such as prostate cancer, colon cancer, and breast cancer, a disease of lung cancer today tend to increase faster development.

Disease of lung cancer is a form of development is very fast sell (abnormal) in lung tissue caused by changes in tissue form sell or expansion of sell themselves. If left this abnormal growth can spread to other organs, both the near and distant lung such as bone, liver, or brain.

Disease of lung cancer is caused more by smoking (87%), while the remainder are caused by asbestos substances, radiation, arsenic, chromate, nickel, klorometil ethers, mustard gas and coke oven emission can cause lung cancer, although usually only occurs the workers who also smoked.

Classification of Diseases Lung Cancer

There’s classification of the disease, lung cancer, is seen from the level of either the spread in the lung tissue itself or to other Organs. But basically a disease of lung cancer is divided into two levels of criteria based on their distribution:

1. Lung cancer primary
Has 2 main types, namely Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) and non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). SCLC is the kind of sell little (lot) which has its very rapid growth to grow. Usually called “oat cell carcinomas” (wheat cell carcinoma). This type is closely associated with smoking, handling good enough to respond through action chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

While the growth of NSCLC is the single sell, but often strike more than one area in the lungs. For example adenoma, and Kaposi Hamartoma kondromatous.

2. Secondary lung cancer
Lung cancer is a disease that arises as a result of the spread of cancer from other organs, most often breast cancer and colon cancer (stomach). Cancer spreads through the blood, lymphatic system, or due to closeness organs.


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