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Color Blindness and Disease Causes

Classification of color blindness

Color blindness disease gene is determined by the sex linked recessive, chromosome X. Color blindness disease known today are as follows:

1. Partial color blindness can not only recognize a particular color, such as color blindness red or green color blindness
2. Total color blindness

Color blindness is a condition when the retinal cells are not able to respond to color properly. Cone cells in the retina of the eye suffered permanent impairment or damage.

Classification of color blindness:

1. Trikromasi

Ie changing eye color sensitivity level of one or more cone cells in the retina. This type of color blindness is often experienced by the people. There are three classifications derived in trikomasi:

  • Protanomali, a known weak color blindness red
  • Deuteromali, green will be difficult to be recognized by patient
  • Trinomali (low blue), the conditions under which the blue color are difficult to identify the patient.

2. Dikromasi

That is the situation when one of the three cones are not there. There are three classifications derived:

Protanopia, red cones are not available so the brightness perpaduannya red or less

  • Deuteranopia, the retina does not have cone cells that are sensitive to green
  • Tritanopia, blue cones are not found.

3. Monokromasi

Monokromasi actually often regarded as people of color blindness by the public. This condition is marked with a damaged retina in response to the total color. Only black and white color that can receive the retina.

Causes of Color Blindness

Color blindness is a condition inherited genetically. Carried by the X chromosome in women, color blindness descended to his children. When someone is having color blind, their eyes are not able to produce the overall pigment required for normal eye function.


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