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Sex Disease Activity Can Interfere Sex

Pain during sex was also experienced by men. Most of what we know is only women who find it. But it was because of some problems of men feel pain during sex. Why did this happen to? Here are some problems that can interfere with sexual intercourse:
1. Peyronie. This interference is one of the most frequent cause of pain in men. Characteristics of this disease is a crook or an hourglass shape at the end of the genitals when in erect condition.
2. Prostatitis. Prostatitis is inflammation or infection of the prostate gland, which causes swelling and pain in the back of the male genitals, pain or burning during urination and pain at the time of ejaculation.
3. Urine track infection. This art waterway system is producing urine and throw it out of your body. Included is the bladder and kidneys, and the channel that connects between the two. If there are germs in, the bacteria will cause infections
4. Fungal infections. Trait is shown by infection of red skin color and skin edge cracked, and even in some places, the skin feels hard and feels sharp.
5. Dermatitis. This disease causes dry skin, itching, and reddened skin. In some severe cases, it causes a wound with scar containing clear liquid.
6. Herpes. Genital herpes, is a disease that can cause itching and pain in the genitals, which is a disease caused by viruses and is a disease that is transmitted through sexual intercourse.
7. Psoriasis. Disease is a long recovery, occurs because skin cells grow too quickly, hence the accumulation in skin. In general, after growing up, the skin will peel itself.


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