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Yellow Disease Among Infants

Yellow Disease Among Infants

Visible jaundice known third and half of the
The child was born normal. This often leads to problems and
General discoloration at the bottom of the first week after birth.

At birth, the baby has many chemicals in the blood called bilirubin. The baby’s heart take a few days to describe the substance of jaundice.

The symptoms, the baby’s skin is greenish-yellow or white child’s eyes turn yellow

Almost all newborn babies are turning yellow on day 3 Therefore, all infants for bilirubin levels should be examined in the blood that day. Normally, bilirubin: 0-1 mcg. However, until Day 7, the level of May to 12 mcg.

How long yellow attacks of the disease?

Skin color of your child should return to normal after a few days or a week. Breastfeeding can help, because the mother’s milk, many natural substances, including protection against disease.

If your baby is jaundiced for more than two weeks, ask your mother, doctor.

As for the attention of infants with jaundice?

Jaundice should disappear spontaneously without treatment.
Before the start, at home, the doctor will check whether your baby is not really yellow, o. For example, if you press the chest, was arrested and released. When the pressure of the old yellow, jaundiced baby safe.

He or she will manage and control more until the bilirubin is safe and stable. The doctor may also decide that the baby needs phototherapy – treatment with the absorption of light by ultraviolet light (phototherapy “of light) for several days.

If your child is strong enough to take home, doctors usually recommend that in the morning (between PK dry. 07-09).


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